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Above: The Fw-190A8 of Oberst Walther Dahl, Kommodore of JG-300, who will be featured with other Luftwaffe bomber killers in our forthcoming book focusing upon the German fighter pilots who specialized in knocking down four engine bombers. Included are comments from the Luftwaffe pilots and Allied pilots and crews who opposed them. This is our logo.

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 Members and active/retired military receive 10% discount on all purchases, except for Limited Edition signed items.

 We are historians and specialists in military history, with a special interest in World War II. See the link below for a wonderful digital history of the war, as seen from space. This is very suitable for educators and students alike.


Endorsement from one of the premier military authors Col. Walter Boyne

I salute you and Anne for a prescient approach to presenting real history, in real words; it is of course impossible to do it in real time, but I believe that the memories as retained by the interviews are as reavealing of the event as they are of themselves, and your minimal impingement on the process is reflected only in their kind remarks in passing to you. By not interpreting their remarks, nor by pointing out possible contradictions, etc, you have done a great, and I believe unique service.
All best wishes for the future.

See the 1965 interview with Wing Commander Robert Stanford Tuck, and the 1963 gathering with Lt. Gen. Adolf Galland and others at the link below. Colin knew both men.



Major General James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret.) and a young fan supporting the Medal of Honor Museum. We are grateful for the assistance of actor, director and former Marine Captain Dale Dye and his wife Dr. Julia Dye of Warriors Inc. for their great support.We also thank our good friend and actor Marshall Teague for his continued support and patriotism.

See our Author Friends and Books Page for more items from the authors themselves


Admiral McRaven's Inspiring Speech to Graduates



New Book Release


Supporting the book by Len Sandler on behalf of the Monti family and supported by Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston

Details located at  www.seeyouonthehighground.com

See the video selections on World War II in Normandy


Luftwaffe fighter and He-162 jet pilot Harald Bauer

                       Colin and Harald Bauer



 We offer tutoring services in a variety of areas, such as Social Sciences, History, Geography, English, Reading and Writing/Composition for all ages and grade levels. Our rates vary. Contact us if you or your student requires in depth one on one assistance, to include SAT and college preparation tutoring. Colin and Anne have the required higher degrees teaching, life and writing experience at the university level.


Research in Bolivia

Colin was on a previously funded research trip to Bolivia in August 2011, was just there again in April 2012 and April 2013, where he has been researching the tactical and terrain appreciation of the environments surrounding the campaigns of "The Great Liberator" Simon Bolivar, with special attention paid to the exploits of his most able field commander, General Antonio Jose de Sucre.



Any questions regarding books, shipping, and forthcoming projects may be sent to us at cdheatonII@aol.com, or  call 843-568-5434. We look forward to hearing from you. If you do not use Paypal, and would like to order any books, simply send a check for the amount in question, postage, and any specific personalized inscriptions desired from us, to Heaton-Lewis Books, 2326 Monroe Street, Wilmington, NC 28401. Please ensure your complete contact data is also included.

Go to the "Links" section, where you can locate the booksellers, but also some great videos of restored flying WW II aircraft that were flown by some of the men interviewed! There are also links to interview segments, with pilots, Panzer and U-boat commanders from various historical sources.

NOTE: We are still selling the limited edition series of 100 copies of Noble Warrior, with certificates of authenticity, bearing the autographs men who served at the Battle of Dai Do, who are mentioned in the book Noble Warrior. All funds from these sales will support the 2nd Bn 4th Marines Memorial at Quantico. Sales are now handled by our colleague and friend Albert H. Wunsch III.

We are also selling the limited editions of The Me-262 Stormbird, as well as Four War Boer. See those respective sections or email us for additional information.


Craig Anderson Radio Show

Craig Anderson from Atlanta, GA taped the radio show with our WW II German and American fighter pilots on Saturday, June 23, 2012, with the pilots Joe Peterburs, Urban L. "Ben" Drew, Jorg Czypionka, Art Fiedler, Walter Schuck along with historians/authors Barrett Tillman and Colin as they discussed the war, the aircraft, tactics, their experiences and the book The Me-262 Stormbird, and is now archived for your listening pleasure.

Craig had Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston on the show in 2010 to discuss his book Noble Warrior, and it was a hit.

The links is  below;Craig Anderson Show



 Southern Sense Talk Radio

Adam Makos and Colin discussed both recent books focusing upon A Higher Call on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. Go to the link below to listen to the discussion.



Below: Robert Bailey's print, Tuskegee Dawn is a fine tribute to the men, who are also mentioned in The German Aces Speak and The Me 262 Stormbird. Colin and Anne had many great times with these men, such as ace Lee Archer, Charles McGee and Roscoe Brown at their reunions. Great men, great Americans all.


Voice of Russia Talk Radio Shows

 Colin and Andrew J. Lubin on the show from Moscow, Russia regarding the events, crisis and inrevention in Syria

Anne-Marie Lewis on Islam, Women and Security
The Debate over Iran and Nuclear Power (2 parts)
Colin and Andrew J. Lubin on the show from Moscow, Russia, Discussion on ISIS and the New Caliphate

See the link below for Robert Bailey's artwork, and his work with George Lucas, as well as the background for his famous military paintings and signed prints.


 Excellent aviation video collection montage weblink posted below and located at http://imageevent.com/okbueno/mopic


Luftwaffe fighter pilot Erich Brunotte with our book The Star of Africa

Video of the Only Flying Completely Original Focke- Wulf FW-190 A5 with the Original BMW Radial Engine



Article by Historian Robert F. Dorr

on Capt. Roscoe Brown and the Me-262

                      Now Available!
        FOUR WAR BOER: The Century and Life
                    of Pieter Arnoldus Krueler

 New in 2014

from Casemate Publishing


Go to the Four War Boer Page for more Information and a full photo layout of Pieter Krueler's Life

See the interview of May 3, 2013 with Colin about the new book on Southern Sense Radio.  Link is below


The amazing life of Pieter Krueler (1885-1986) provides a window into a full century of conflict such as one man rarely experiences. Four-War Boer traces Krueler's highly colorful life from the Second Boer War, where he first served as a 14-year-old scout, through his service in World War I with the German army in East Africa, to the Spanish Civil War to World War II, this time with the Allies, and on into the latter part of the 20th century, when he served as a mercenary during the 1960s Congo Crisis.

This material includes a wealth of fascinating new information, and breaks the great secrecy surrounding Rhodesian and South African special operations, as unveiled through the experience of a man who was a founding father of counterinsurgency in Africa.
                The German Aces Speak II

 New in 2014

New Addition to the History and Military Book Clubs!

The next book in The German Aces Speak series features Erich Hartmann, Johannes Steinhoff, Dietrich Hrabak and Gunther Rall

Review of our manuscript from WW II fighter ace Barrie Davis

Howdy, my friend Colin!
After numerous unexpected interruptions, I have read The German Aces Speak II. It is a great book, revealing the personalities of the four Aces in a manner never done previously. Their words, as recorded so well by the book's author, were quite modest, especially when I realized they were spoken by men who had accomplished so much. 
In recording the interviews, you did remarkably well in communicating the characters of all four pilots, and I was convinced that even after hundreds of victories and many times cheating death itself, these men were of a special breed. Despite the problems they had to solve, they retained the honor and fortitude that saw them through a losing war.
I feel indebted to you for recording the four interviews. Thanks from an old-time fighter jock.
Barrie Davis.
Otto Carius signed Book Tiger im Schlamm Available For Purchase


You may order from our books page, or order books directly from him at his website: http://www.tiger-apotheke.de/


Oberleutnant Otto Carius in full dress with decorations for valor


Otto Carius (front left) and his crew with a few passengers on the Eastern Front where he and the Pzkfw VI Tiger I both became legends

               Air Shows and Events

Above: Colin with the P-51C bearing the markings of 332nd FG ace Col. Lee Archer during the Tuskegee Airmen Reunion in 2004 when he was interviewing the men. Some of their comments will be found in The Me-262 Stormbird.


See the Heritage Flight Video with Gary Sinise

Restoration of Supermarine Seafire XV
RAF Duxford
World War I Aviation Training Video

Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson, great American hero and a triple victory P-51 Mustang ace with the 357th Fighter Group has joined us in the bookplates for the Me-262 book. He is a real American hero in the truest sense.

Oberleutnant Walter Schuck signing his bookplates

Above: 206 victory ace, and Knight's Cross with Oak leaves holder,Walter Schuck signing our bookplates for the limited edition of 100 books at his home in Germany. Walter also flew with Kurt Schulze in JG-5 "Eismeer" before flying with JG-7 in the Me-262 jet fighter, where he scored his last 8 victories, the last 4 kills being B-17 bombers in the same mission in which Joe Peterburs shot him down. See his story and others in Me-262 Stormbird, and order your signed or limited edition signed copy now! Contact Colin to purchase book plates from Walter directly!


Col. Edward R. "Buddy" Haydon, 357th FG signing bookplates for Stormbird.

Above: Keith Ferris did the painting of Buddy Haydon (above) on the mission where he forced Maj. Walter Nowotny into the ground. See this story, along with, Joe Peterburs, Chuck Yeager, Urban L. "Ben" Drew, and other American and British pilots who flew against the German jet pilots.

Above: Joe Peterburs and his victim Walter Schuck, former enemies in WW II who are now the best of friends. This is what professionalism is all about, and we have had many opportunities to bring former enemies together. Kurt Schulze organized this one a few years ago.

Go to the website link posted below for the news broadcast of Joe and Walter meeting again in California. Excellent story!



Video Interviews and Documentary on Walter and Joe

JG-5 Pilot and Knight's Cross holder Ernst Scheufele Video Interview

Below: Robert Bailey's Escort Fury, capturing the event as Joe Peterburs shoots down former JG-5 pilot Walter Schuck, after Schuck had just scored his third B-17 kill on this mission, flying with JG-7. A previously damaged fourth B-17 Walter hit would also fail to make it home due to this incredible attack.

See his official website at www.baileyprints.com where he has all of his outstanding work. We also have his website in the Business Friends section and at "Links."

For businesses that are not local that wish to advertise with us, email us examples of your business, your product, and mission statement so that we may examine your proposal. Terms of leased space on this website are subject to agreement and acceptance by Heaton-Lewis, LLC. If approved, the rate to advertise on our website is $20.00 per week. We do not take percentages of your sales. This is a flat tax deductible fee.
Our Charities


 We Support the Following Charities

Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House,

Hope for the Warriors

      Operation Gratitude Wounded Warrior Care Package Program


We are proud to support the Mesothelioma Lawyer Center, assisting veterans and their families
Lawyer Center  
Call us toll free: 800-878-3845






Copyright © Heaton-Lewis, LLC 2010-2013

See website link for 2/4 Association at "Links"



We are still selling the remainder of the limited edition Noble Warrior books starting at $100.00 each, with a certificate of authenticity. Go to "Books" section, and see the photographs of the signature pages and certificate of authenticity sample. These are being handled by our colleague Albert Wunsch, Esq.

See the example of these collectible books, containing 22 signatures, including the three authors and the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine personnel who survived the Battle of Dai Do/Dong Ha, or served in 4th Marines in Vietnam as related in the book.

100% of all proceeds will be donated to the 2/4 Memorial Fund. Book Nos. 1-40 have already been purchased. Books not yet sold may be purchased at $100.00 from the website (plus postage). Contact us by email for the details.  


Anne's Blog Page

We would like to advertise that Anne is starting a blog page. This will deal with current events within the U.S. government, international affairs, the military, Shari'a Law and the dangers it presents, women's rights issues, and other issues that she feels are worthy of intellectual and thoughtful discussion.

Anne is currently writing her own book, which concerns her nearly four years living in abject captivity in Beirut, Lebanon, including her experiences living within a Muslim environment under Hezbollah control against her will, and how she survived and eventually escaped with her son.

Anne will be posting comments on specific events on the global and national scale concerning awareness of the Muslim threats to our nation, women's issues, and the Islamic threat to the free world in general. This will be a forum for respectful discussion, problem solving, and public awareness.

Anne's position on this and other subjects is not to be considered reflective of the opinions of our friends, interview subjects and supporters. This blog page is independent of our collective historical research and writing projects, and Anne's thoughts and discussions are her own. Should be quite interesting. We ask that persons all be respectful and adhere to critical analysis, and not political polemic and rhetoric.


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              Gary Sinise Foundation


Gary Sinise

Humanitarian, Patriot, Actor


We are proud to be connected with Gary and the Gary Sinise Foundation. Most will know Gary from his work in films such as Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, and TV's CSI: New York, and his Lt. Dan Band. We have joined together to lend any support we can and to assist his foundation with exposure and assistance. Please visit their website and contribute to his worthy causes in helping our veterans.

Gary Sinise visiting the wounded, just one of his many unheralded functions as a true American patriot who works tirelessly to help our military veterans

      Smokey Mountain Service Dogs

Donations may be made over our website at www.smokymountainservicedogs.org or mailed to SMSD, 110 Tooweka Circle, Loudon, TN. 37774

Attention all Pilots and Historians
To all:
If you are an author/historian and wish to advertise your books with us, please send us an email, or visit the Facebook page. For customers, get your orders in as soon as possible. It will take some time to get the books from the publisher, have us sign and mount signed plates, and then ship to you. Please be clear on any special dedications in books, and for faster processing use Paypal, or make checks out to Heaton-Lewis Books, LLC
Colin and Anne
                         Selous Scouts

Pamwe Chete

 Anne and Colin attended the reunion of the legendary Selous Scouts from 11-12 August, 2012. Jim Schneeberger and Marianne Endicott hosted the event, and it was a great time for us personally. The men were great as were their ladies, and the Scouts agreed to sign the 100 bookplates each for creation of the limited edition of our book due out in 2013 with Casemate Publishing, tentatively titled Four War Boer: The Life and Century of Pieter Arnoldus Krueler (working title).

The Selous Scouts are the immediate descendants of men such as Krueler and others, who learned bush warfare and survival during the 2nd Anglo-Boer War and World War I in Africa, passing those skills on through the decades. Some of the Scouts live in the USA and they own their own businesses. See their business ventures at Our Business Friends page.

The Scouts were created by the legendary late Lt. Col. Ron Reid-Daly, and they were the most successful special operations and counterinsurgency anti-terrorist unit in military history given their short lifespan, and their incredible loss to success ratio. Follow this webpage for more information. There are great books on the Scouts, and we have posted few on our Selous Scout page here (see Selous Scouts Honor Page). Honor the men by reading their history. There is much to learn.

The Selous Scouts Association website link is below:



Colin and Anne are agent represented by Dr. Gayle Wurst of Princeton International Agency for the Arts.

          Albert H. Wusnch III, Esq

 We are represented by our friend and attorney Albert H. Wunsch III. Albert is not only our attorney and friend, he is also a historian and has written forewords and assisted with our projects at many levels.

                         In Memorium

  In memory of Col. Edward R. "Buddy Haydon, who passed away on Nov. 20, 2012. He has rejoined his late squadron mates and his Lady Nelda.

Below: Buddy describing the encounter with Major Walter Nowotny, the 24 year old Kommodore of Kommando Nowotny (later designated JG-7) on the mission of November 8, 1944 when he killed the Austrian 258 victory ace and holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. Adolf Galland and Georg-Peter Eder were witnesses to the event. See their stories in The Me-262 Stormbird.

                               RIP cowboy. You are missed very much.

 We remember our friend and WW II USAAF fighter ace Urban L. "Ben" Drew, who passed away this April. Ben was a very interesting man, and he like Buddy Haydon and the others supported our Me-262 Stormbird project. RIP my friend.

Ben Drew holding his two fingers to signify his two Me-262 jet kills in a single mission in 1944. The kills were also later verified by Luftwaffe 78 victory and jet ace Major Georg-Peter Eder, and he and Drew became great friends, and friends of Colin's. See their stories in Stormbird.See the link below, which is gun camera footage from Eighth AF fighter pilots engaging Me-262s and Me-163 Komets, including Drew's two kill day over the jets.


Col. George E. "Bud" Day, USMC, USAF (ret).
Bud Day was perhaps, medal for medal America's most decorated veteran. As a teenaged Marine in Korea, and a fighter-bomber pilot in Vietnam, Bud Day served with great distinction. He spent almost five years as a POW in Hanoi, and his long time cell mate was Sen. John McCain. Bud later practiced law and passed away at his Ft. Walton Beach home on July 27, 2013. Great American and friend.
  See the link below on Bud's last flight in his beloved F-100 Super Saber
                The History Channel

  See Colin,Barrett Tillman and Me-163 Komet pilot Rolf Glogner on the History Channel show "Dogfights"




Me-109E Flies Again: Go to the link below



       Proud to be Affiliated with American         

Hero, Actor and Patriot

Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey


  Visit his website and view real patriotic items and support our military


 You can vote for our website at GySgt. R. Lee Ermey's website!

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